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House Power Rankings Heading into Season 4 of Game of Thrones

Original Across the Narrow piece. House Power ranking in the style of common sports rankings. Contains spoilers for all three seasons of Game of Thrones

1. House Lannister – The Lannisters are without a doubt the most powerful House in Westeros. They have positions as the King, the Hand of the King, and Master of Coin; all extremely powerful seats in King’s Landing. They are also the richest family and now have their foot in the North and powerful allies in the Tyrell’s, of whoms intentions are not yet known.

2. House Tyrell – The Tyrell’s are the closest to the Lannisters and are in a position to gain even more power due to the coming wedlock of both Margaery and Loras. They also seem to have something up their sleeves which makes them a wild card to make the jump to the #1 spot. Clever and mysterious, the Tyrells should not be looked past.

3. House Targaryen – While not yet in Westeros, Daenerys is building up quite the army over in Essos. The Unsullied pose a threat to any army, and she now has her people from freeing the slave cities and her remaining Dothraki horde. Oh, and she has three dragons that are quickly growing. One has to think that if she were to cross the Narrow Sea, the guidance of Ser Jorah and Ser Barriston, along with her other assets mentioned above, would make the Targaryens the main threat for supremacy.

4. House Bolton – Much of the success and quick rise of House Bolton is due to the cunning of the Lord of the Dreadfort, Roose Bolton. With the Lannisters now seemingly being allies, Roose is warden of the North. His son, Ramsay, was able to easily defeat a Greyjoy army at Winterfell and now has Theon as a power play tool. They walk a fine line though, one that could easily break if the Lannisters deemed them unnecessary.

5. House Baratheon – House Baratheon took a big hit from the Battle of Blackwater. They lost countless soldiers and doubt has spread throughout the ranks about the authenticity of the Red Priestess. This Priestess, Melisandre, is also a reason to fear House Baratheon. While things haven’t gone as planned thus far, we saw what she is capable of (Renly). She also seems to have a Godly knowledge of events that could come in the future. If Winter does indeed come, House Baratheon might be one of the only Houses that could survive it.

6. House Greyjoy – House Greyjoy is in a sort of limbo. They don’t seem all to concerned about the Iron throne at the moment and would rather survive and watch others fight and slaughter each other. Their one attempt to gain power was rather unsuccessful, as they lost Winterfell to Ramsey Snow and lost the only male heir to the Iron Islands. Oh, and yes, he lost his baby maker. The war they are about to wage with House Bolton could prove fatal.

7. House Frey – I get the feeling that House Frey is just sort of there. They control the Twins, which is a strategical advantage, but their Lord is lazy and old and their army is full of inbreeds. If the Lannisters and Boltons weren’t involved, I don’t think there would have been a Red Wedding. If the Lannisters wanted to end the Freys all-together, I feel they have the allies and power to do so.

8. House Tully – House Tully is a sort of mystery thus far. We know of Edmure and Black Fish, but we aren’t sure of everything going on in the background. Edmure is currently captive at the Twins, and the whereabouts of Black Fish are unknown. For all we know he could be headed back to Riverrun and gathering an army, but until we see it, the Tullys will be low on this list for quite some time.

9. House Stark – Oh the Starks…what can you say. Winterfell is in ruins, Eddard, Robb, and Cat are all dead. The Stark army, which was already running thin from lost allies in the Karstarks, is no-longer a threat. Sansa is a tool to be worked with by the Lannisters, and Arya, Brann, and Rickon are all on their own and still quite young. Arya and Brann seem to process great power and skills, but are not in a position at the moment to use them in any form towards the Iron Throne. Jon is also in a sticky situation at the Wall.


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